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68759 Bruce Hwy, Deeral, QLD, 4871

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'FNQ Spirits is a craft distillery in Far North Queensland, owned by an everyday, fair dinkum Aussie bloke with a big dream'.

The logo is the Australian crocodile. A majestic, tough, powerful and fearless creature; that chooses to relax in the sun, soak up natural beauty, and wait for opportunities to snap. This is the Aussie way.

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Our Original Spirit

Croc Piss

The name Croc Piss incorporates Aussie humour and slang. In Australia, ‘piss’ means alcohol. Aussies say he is on the piss, pissed or having a piss up. Meaning he is drinking alcohol, has drank too much, or is having a barbie with mates.

Croc Piss is available in Original and Clear, both are Rum inspired spirits, that can be savoured straight from the bottle or with your favourite mixer. Check out our Croctails to explore Croc Piss creations.

Local products ensure that every mouthful has the essence of the Daintree Rainforest, a hint of the Great Barrier Reef, flavour of a tropical paradise, and has been infused with the great Aussie spirit.

You’ll be stoked with this true blue ‘Straya’ Croc Piss – Bloody Oath!